iTouchOrlando is the largest digital advertising and interactive touch screen kiosk company in Orlando, Florida. We offer a variety of digital signage screens that can be placed at different locations around town to promote your brand or business. One way that iTouchOrlando is helping revive tourism after the industry rebounds from COVID-19 is by working with local restaurants, attractions, lodgings, transportation services, non-profits associations, and more! Our goal? To provide visitors with discounts and information they won’t find anywhere else!

Digital Signage

iTouchOrlando already has your hotel, restaurant, or attraction listed in the Orlando area! Everyone that interacts with our kiosk will be able to see your business listing. We took the liberty of listing local hotels, attractions, dining options, and restaurants because of all the new post-COVID-19 travel demand. iTouchOrlando’s digital screens are located in more than 100 hotels, malls, shopping centers, and other high-traffic areas. It’s a great way to get your business noticed and in front of people that are coming to Central Florida!

Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks

We offer different sizes of free standing kiosks (43″, 55″, or 60″ tall) that are great for promoting your brand or business. Our digital touch screen kiosks have the capability to have the touch screen on only one side or both. Digital reference points of interest such as Theme Parks and Attractions, Associations and Non-Profits, Dining, and Golf, Shopping, and more can be selected to view local information and listings.

Resources for Industry Staff

iTouchOrlando’s digital touch screen kiosks are a great resource for front-of-house employees. They’re able to provide guests with more information about the local attractions, restaurants, hotels, and services without having to use their phone or wait in line to speak to someone. This helps when we are short-staffed during busier times or when you have had a guest walking around looking for an attraction outside of your property and they want to know what other things there might be nearby.

Digital Advertising all across Orlando’s High Traffic locations

Our touch screen kiosks have been instrumental in getting tourism back on its feet in Orlando! Add one to your property and you’ll be able to create custom offers for guests with attractions, hotels, transportation companies, and more! These offers will help your business find new customers while also giving visitors discounts they can’t find anywhere else! We list the local discount magazines and travel savings books as well, so everyone has the opportunity to be seen. Businesses have the option to update their content, video, or add a coupon. We also offer additional services such as driving impressions through social media, coupon offers sent directly to consumers via email, data collection, and trackable results, and converting content and information about your business in over 20 different languages.

iTouchOrlando is always looking for ways to help promote the tourism industry in Orlando. They are looking for a way to get more people back into Central Florida and enjoying the hospitality we’re known for. One way they are doing this is by partnering with local restaurants, attractions, hotels, transportation services, and more. To find out more about updating your content, adding a video, adding a coupon, or full-page advertisements, email us at

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