iTouchOrlando is a digital marketing company that specializes in digital advertising kiosks, digital marketing, and digital advertising. These are just some of the many services we offer to help businesses increase their revenue and grow. Not only do we work with attractions, restaurants, hotels, transportation, and health and wellness services. We also work with associations, non-profits, magazines, and discount programs because they are all interested in increasing their reach through interactive technology. In this blog post, you will learn about how these organizations benefit from our services!

Placed strategically in hotels and high traffic areas, the iTouchOrlando digital kiosks drive engagements and provide the opportunity to reach the consumer who is already looking for valuable offers or experiences from our advertisers and partners.
Associations such as CFHLA, GMF, Visit Florida, and Experience Kissimmee are interested in reaching new partners and professionals and increasing their reach through interactive technology. We work with these organizations to help them do just that! Our digital advertising kiosks are the perfect way to get seen all over Orlando!

Non-profits are no stranger to fundraising. They depend on donations and sponsorships for their existence, but what about when they need exposure? The digital age provides the perfect avenue for these organizations to be seen by millions of people all over Central Florida. This is because our iTouch Orlando digital advertising kiosks reach out into communities in every corner of this great state! Non-profit organizations such as Give Kids the World, Base Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation, and One Heart for Women and Children can list themselves across all of our interactive kiosks so that they have a chance at helping more people that they’re committed to serving!

ITouchOrlando is a digital advertising kiosk company that showcases the benefits of discount programs and magazines like Enjoy Florida, W.H.O, FHIA, IBA Success, Orlando Style, and Florida Travel Saver all over Central Florida. These companies are able to have an increased reach by being listed on iTouch Orlando’s digital advertising kiosks in both malls, hotels, and other high-traffic areas across the state of Florida. The exposure these companies receive from iTouchOrlando can be seen in high-traffic areas where people need to wait for flights or catch up on some shopping while they’re waiting for their ride. It is a great opportunity for them to be seen!

Whether you’re a business owner, association member, non-profit volunteer, or someone who wants to learn more about the power of digital advertising kiosks and how they can benefit your organization’s reach, there are plenty of reasons why it makes sense for you to partner with us today! As we’ve seen from our work so far with associations like CFHLA, GMF, Visit Florida, and Experience Kissimmee as well as organizations such as Give Kids The World, Base Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation, and One Heart For Women And Children; these groups all see an increase in their exposure through interactive technology that includes the use of digital advertising kiosks.

To learn more about where our kiosks are located, advertising with us, or to get a kiosk placed in your high traffic area, click here!

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